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  How to spot signs of anxiety in your pet

An alarming one in every five dogs experience mental illness or anxiety.

Anxiety is a medical problem and cannot be ‘cured’, but it can be controlled to help your dog become the best pet that they can be.
It is important to be aware that a dog with anxiety is not ‘consciously’ or rationally thinking. Plus anxiety problems are not training problems, so it is essential to distinguish the difference between these two things.

Is your pet’s behavior:

  •     Abnormal or irrational?
  •     Disruptive to the household?
  •     Generally detrimental to their health and welfare or that of your family or the community?

If ‘yes’, then your pet may be experiencing anxiety, which needs to be taken seriously.

Examples of anxiety:

  •     Barking
  •     Separation anxiety
  •     Aggression towards people, dogs and other animals
  •     Noise/thunderstorm phobia
  •     Fearful behavior
  •     Compulsive behavior e.g. tail chasing, shadow chasing, chewing itself


  •     Urine spraying
  •     House soiling
  •     Aggression towards people, dogs and other animals

Training is not the lone solution for treating anxiety. A veterinary behavior consultation is usually required, along with treatment, combined with a behaviour modification program.

Remember, the longer these conditions are left untreated, the more complex they become and potentially the more difficult they are to treat.


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