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  3 things you need to know about rat bait poisoning

If your shed or home has ever been infested with rats or mice, you'll know the importance of bait to keep rodents at bay.

However, there are risks for your beloved pets when baiting your property. Here are three things you need to know before launching a rodent attack at your place.

  1. Your pet is at risk of poisoning both from eating the bait directly or eating a rat that has ingested the bait. Position your bait up high, so it is not easily accessible by your pet. One beagle we know forced his way into a storage cupboard containing bait, so you really need to be one step ahead of your pet! And if you spot any dead rats, ensure to dispose of them immediately.

  2. Rat bait acts as an anticoagulant, which means the poisoned blood doesn’t clot properly. As a result, everyday movement causes damage to blood vessels, which don’t repair. Signs of rat bat toxicity include bruising under the skin, blood in the urine or faeces, nose bleeds and continued bleeding from cuts.

  3. If you suspect your pet has ingested rat bait, seek veterinary help immediately. The tricky part of this type of poisoning is that symptoms can take up to five days to appear. If you wait to see symptoms, it decreases the chance of your pet’s survival.

When you bring your pet to our Clare clinic we can do a blood clotting test in-house. If their blood doesn’t clot we can begin a treatment of vitamin K, which is an essential vitamin in the formation of clotting agents in the blood stream.

If you suspect rat bait poisoning in your pet, call our Clare clinic on (08) 8842 2822.



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