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Grooming and Bathing of Small dogs
CVVS has all the facilities to pamper your pet

Warm Baths for small/medium dogs
Shampoo and condition
Skilled grooming staff to cater to your requirements






Humane traps for hire

Problems with feral cats or possums? We have two traps for hire. Call Liz at CVVS on (08) 8842 2822. 



55 Victoria Road
Clare SA 5453
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Ph  08 88422822

Consulting Hours:
Monday to Friday


4 Vohr Street
Jamestown SA 5491
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Ph  1300 CV VETS (1300 288 387)  Ext 2

Consulting Hours
Tuesday and Thursday

  Clare Clinic

Clare Valley Veterinary Services
1300 CV VETS (1300 288 387)

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  What we offer


In order for your service to be as prompt as possible we conduct consultations by appointment. Our clinic consultation times are 9:00am until 5pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am till 11:00am Saturdays at the Clare Clinic and 9:30am to 4:30 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at the Jamestown clinic. Sometimes due to unforeseen emergencies your consultation may not be as prompt as usual. In these circumstances we are able to admit your patient to hospital in order to avoid prolonged waiting times.



We have a purpose built, glassed in, surgical suite to make sure that the surgeries are performed as aseptically as possible. Animals are routinely induced with modern anaesthetic agents and maintained on isoflurane inhalation anaesthetic. Anaesthetic monitoring is considered paramount with a nurse dedicated to this role. All animals routinely have their heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation monitored.

If your animal is booked in for a routine surgery we ask you to feed them dinner the night before no later than 7:00pm and then no food available until after their surgery. They can have water freely available. This reduces the risk of vomiting when your pet is under anaesthesia.



CVVS offers a wide range of soft tissue surgeries which are carried out in a designated and aseptic surgical suite. Examples of surgeries include: lump removals, abdominal surgeries, wound repair, caesarian section and routine desexings. The ideal timing of routine desexing is 5-6 months.



We have a wide range of orthopedic instruments. We routinely carry out surgeries to repair cruciate ligaments and a range of complex fracture repairs including pining and plating. Animals can also be referred for more complex orthopedic surgeries. 



We pride ourselves on the upmost patient care while your animal is in hospital being treated for a medical condition or awaiting surgery. Our nurses like to give animals individual attention. Our daily ‘hospital nurse’ is dedicated to looking after the animals in the hospital and ensure that they are monitored and receive the medication they have been prescribed. All animals are walked a minimum of three times daily and are fed twice daily.



Our clinic provides a 24 hour emergency service for our customers. All small animal cases are seen to at the Clare clinic as equipment and assistance is readily available. Large animal after hours consults can be seen to on farm or brought into the clinic. The after hours number is 0408422822.



At CVVS we have a wide range of in-house pathology testing, including haematology, biochemistry and cytology. In-house blood facilities enable us to conduct pre-anaesthetic screens, ensuring your animal does not possess any underlying conditions that could affect their ability to cope with the anaesthetic. Blood testing also helps with the prompt diagnosis of conditions so that appropriate treatment can be started as soon as possible. Ability to perform activated clotting times enables rapid diagnosis of rat sac poisoning. Tests are routinely carried out for heartworm, feline leukaemia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus, parvovirus and canine pancreatic lipase. These tests allow us to increase our diagnostic capabilities.

We have recently purchased a new microscope which has greatly aided in our laboratory diagnostics. Samples of lumps can be taken to visualise the cell type aiding in developing a treatment plan. Skin scrapes to locate parasites, bacteria and yeast ensure that the correct treatment is given to your pet.


Diagnostic Imaging

Our clinic has exceptional modern digital x-ray facilities comparable to those used in human medicine. Rapid diagnosis of soft tissue conditions and orthopedic injury is achievable due to these high quality images.

We also offer ultrasound for diagnosis of soft tissue conditions and diagnosis of pregnancy.

VACCINATION-Please visit the vaccination protocols page for a comprehensive explanation of our vaccination regime for dogs and cats.


CVVS strongly recommends microchipping your pets either at the time of first puppy vaccination or at desexing. The microchip identification sheet is sent to central animal records so if your pet is to become lost or is stolen the microchip can be easily identified. This can limit your stress and hopefully enable a fast return to its owner.



At CVVS we strongly recommend that your pet is desexed if you are not planning on breeding. Female that are desexed before their first heat or season have a greatly reduced risk of mammary cancer and uterine infection. It can also save the stress of mis matings and unwanted pregnancies. Older males are predisposed to prostate abscesses and prostate and testicular cancers. We recommend all pets are routinely desexed at 5-6 months of age.



Dental health is very important for overall health and wellbeing of your pet. All pets over 3 years of age are likely to have some degree of dental pathology. Routine scaling and polishing for tartar removal as well as extractions are commonly performed. We can also suggest an ongoing dental health plan to try and help prevent the recurrence of tartar.


Additional Services


Puppy Pre-schools are a great way to socialise and train new puppies and their owners.

They are open to vaccinated pups aged between 10 and 16 weeks, and they run for 4, one hour sessions, over a total of four weeks.
Older puppies can be negotiated with the instructor.

They will provide advice and practical demonstrations on puppy behaviour, toilet training, feeding, basic commands and responsible dog ownership.

Puppy Pre-school is an excellent foundation to the agility and obedience training as well as providing your pup with the social skills it needs to develop to become a well adjusted adult and a well-behaved member of your family

Call us on (08) 88422822 to book your pup in for the next class!


Our clinic also offers professional grooming services. A grooming will include a Dog Wash which is performed in a hydrobath Grooming is a great way for our qualified staff to identify any skin irritations or other conditions that may have otherwise been overlooked.



Correct nutrition is an integral part of your pets routine health care. One of our nurses is a Pet Health Councilor. She is able to give you advice on the correct diet for your pet. We can also cater for your prescription diet needs. We provide advice on weight loss programs and can develop a slim fit program to monitor your pets weight loss. We encourage regular weight checks for all pets on weight loss programs. 



We have a new Phone number!!

To contact any of our clinics please phone:

1300 CV VETS (1300 288 387)

Clare Clinic Extension 1

Jamestown Clinic Extension 2

Balaklava Clinic Extension 3


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